Supporting Local

Have you ever wondered how it is possible that we can have any kind of fruit or vegetable throughout the year and how easy it is to walk into the local retail store and get them relatively cheaply?    In the current economy we know that money is tight for all of us but we would like you to consider the value you can add not only to your family but to our community when you shop local.

The initial consideration we would like to talk about is the people behind local.  They could be a friend, your neighbour or even someone you met at the gym or you may not have met them at all (well not yet but keep an eye on our “Meet A Local” series) but it is these folk that provide a lifestyle to us that allows us to look after ourselves, our economy and even our planet, but let’s break this down

Looking after ourselves

Buying local means that you are buying a quality product that has the heart and soul of a small business in its DNA.  We are often extremely disconnected from where our produce is sourced from but when you support local you are assured that what you are buying has not involved child labour (as a small example)

Looking after our community

The importance of community involvement is once again becoming important to us all and through buying locally we can embrace one another on so many levels, which ultimately leads to a better place to live and raise our children in.

Looking after our economy

Buying locally stimulates the communal economy and through an inrease in demand of locally produced products and services the community can prosper and reduce local unemployment

Looking after our planet

The cost to the planet is often not considered when making a purchase but consider the fishing as an example, our oceans are plundered, large manufacturers dump into the sea all in an effort to bring you a that cheap ‘must have’!