Meet A Local

A series featuring the person behind some of our favourite locally-owned businesses



Tell us a little about your business

Wudworks was established in 2017 as a furniture maker of handcrafted, live edge furniture and nature inspired furnishings with quality design principles. While this remains the foundation of the business, we have grown into producing custom solid wood furniture pieces as well as offering various other custom services.

What is that one thing you do each morning to set the tone for the day ahead?

Take my dogs for an early morning run

What do you love the most about being the owner of a local community business

Being able to work with amazing clients and engaging with so many extremely talented small business owners.

Tell us about the biggest learning in owning a small business

Balancing quality and timeous output with growth. Being able to generate leads and business marketing while getting everything done on the shop floor. The challenge of not obsessing over every detail but keeping focussed on the outcome of the finished product.

We live in a wild world, what do you think the world needs more of?

The world needs many things but focusing closer to home and what SA small businesses need is a unified effort to start "really" supporting proudly South African. In what we manufacture, who we purchase supplies from and who we support. There needs to be a unified focus on growing individual business sectors that become innovators and experts in their niche specialities.